Nobo cdp 16 xxe 190

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What is it about the SONY that I try so many of them ? Well, this company is really fascinating. While many companies had 2-3-4 models of CD players in all their history, Sony had HUNDREDS. Even if most of them look identical, they are NOT identical.

Their faceplates differ by 2 buttons or 2 millimeters. So it was not part sharing or economies of scale that drove this proliferation. They were mutating like Drosophila flies. And proliferating like rabbits in Australia. I haven’t seen any part sharing at all.

Every PCB is different  and so on. Sony was the company which made their products in the most solid way, most honest, without pretending to be Burmeister or Jadis. Some people can sit motionless for hours and stare in the fire place. I can stare into KSS190A mechanism loading and unloading the CD in the same way as the fire watchers. DAC Burr Brown PCM-58P selection J After some 5 or so years of using the TDA1541A chip as their top converter, Sony run out of the discontinued chip. They had to make emergency landing and find quickly another chip as good as the TDA.

It was surely a difficult task. It was a pin compatible chip to the super popular 16-bit PCM56, the volkswagen beetle of the DAC world. PCM63, which for many years became the new king of DACS. Philips did not manage to come up with any response to that. After funeral of TDA1541A — Philips went down and the Golden Era has ended.

They never really recovered ever since. The PCM58P comes in a 28-pin plastic DIP package. MSBs to further improve the PCM58P’s specifications, if desired. This player is similar to the immediate predecessor 337ESD but I notice some savings inside, some corner cutting etc.

It is still a very impressive piece of engineering, but the mechanism is a notch down — back to KSS151A. Power rails are no longer on copper bars, etc. So it is directly comparable to CDP-227ESD — that comparison would be fair. Without comparison to older Sonys, the CDP338ESD would still be a benchmark of best Japanese industrial craftsmanship.

I have nothing to say about the face plate that I havent said already, writing about the Sony 710, 222, 227, 333, 307, 507, 555, and 557. This is the first player from THE FAMILY that I found which has a neoprene sealing  around the drawer. The intention was that the sound does not enter the  CD player  and vibrate the CD. What I like about it  is that the sound does not ESCAPE from the inside and come out to the room. I dont like to hear mechanisms.